Monday, January 30

Horsing Around

DS and I have our old tried and true playgroup about two hours from where we now live (we moved to the “country” about 1 1/2 years ago). We still go there once a month or more to see our old friends and play (okay, we go at least as much for me as for him). We also have a group of homeschoolers we meet with every couple of weeks about 45 minutes from here.

We are also slowly getting to know people right here in our own little town. Today, we went to playgroup only 10 minutes away. The moms are really wonderful, and the kids range in age from 15 months to 5 years old. It turned out to be a really nice day for January (in the 60s at least from the feel of it). My friend lives out on a horse farm. We walked through the horse pasture past the horses and ponies (all gorgeous and winter fuzzy). DS was a bit leery about all the horse poop. “Just walk around,” I said :)

We crossed a little creek on a board and meandered on to a bigger creek. Who knew you could spend 45 minutes to an hour throwing rocks into water or walking through a mega-puddle (or for one of the babies, eating dirt ;)). DS was picking dried hay and using it as play money by breaking it into small pieces. I can’t believe I lost (dropped) $100,000! It’s okay; he gave me $1,000,000 instead! :)

One of the moms almost ran over a little brown bunny in the middle of the field on the way back. It just froze, I suppose. We told the kids not to touch it, but you know how hard that is! The bunny decided that was enough and took off. It was so cute though! Then, again, isn’t that what bunnies are inherently--cute? Although my friend’s two Jack Russell terriers met that definition, too. My ten-month-old puppies definitely knew I’d been “cheating” on them when I got home!

We had a great time: moms talking as moms will, sharing stories; kids playing; moms playing with kids; everyone eating snacks and drinking tea.

Hopefully, it’s the start of a more regular thing. In any case, it was a really nice surprise for this winter day!


MajaBee said...

I'm glad you're finding friends to play and have fun with close by. I guess it's about time you benefit from living in the surroundings that offer horses and bunnies! (I hope this blogger invitation thing works!)

Bluebird said...

Hi Honey,

This is Mom :-) I LOVED your story about your day on the horse farm. It definitely brought a smile to my face!