Thursday, January 5

Current Writing Projects

Well, I have a few projects at various stages right now.

I have an article to be published in Leaven (the La Leche League Leader publication) within the next couple of months on starting a new LLL Group.

I also wrote an article about my recent miscarriage experience and am currently searching for a venue. I have gotten only positive feedback on the article, but so far, either the magazine has enough many miscarriage articles already or does not feel it’s really the right audience. I submitted to Compleat Mother tonight, so we will see what their response is. If all else fails, I will post it here. :)

My biggest project is my book on nursing to age 3 and beyond. I am outlining and fiddling with titles and still need to read through and finish organizing all of my surveys. Midwifery Today is interested in seeing an article about my experience with extended breastfeeding and the writing of the book.

It seems like I’ve gone from no writing at all to more than my schedule permits. Maybe I’ll even get into fiction again sometime (I’ve got a few ideas rolling around in my head, but my “soapbox issues” always seem more important—a stage of life thing, I suppose.)

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