Tuesday, July 3

Home Gym

You can tell the subject of my last post keeps bugging me...DH and I have ordered a home gym. He got a good bonus this year, so we're using it for the gym (found a good deal through Amazon) and some new furniture. We've both already decided on a commitment to using the gym (1 hour a week for me and 2 for him). It's not much, but it's 100% better than what we've been doing. I figure, even with Lily, I can get in 10 minutes a day to start. I'm tired of feeling like a slug!

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Anonymous said...

I think you shouldn't cut down on the amount you spend on the home gym: If you have been sedentary for the most part then an hour exercise is a big difference. You can work your way up. And remember, not only exercise on the equipment counts. Go back to some more yoga, it'll be relaxing and tone that body, be good for your organs and such. ;)

I know that slug feeling. I'm always depressed that the theoretical me does SO much more exercise than the one that ends up owning the day. I'd like to go to the gym 3x/week, yet somehow barely make 2, and those other things I thought I might do in between never happen! We discovered that it's fair and important for DS to go to the community pool (now that there are only 4 weeks left!!) and so that'll be one more opportunity for me to swim for 1 hour while he plays. Now, if only I'll faithfully execute that plan... Also, it replaces 'alone time' that we usually spend at the farmer's market where he whines and eats something and really isn't enjoying himself. This is REAL QUALITY alone time.

Yay for the home gym, btw!