Sunday, July 29

Anybody Out There?

I like to write, I'll admit, but I wonder if anyone out there is reading this blog. Granted, I don't write much, especially since nowadays my blogging is split among three blogs: this one, my homeschool blog, and my LLLI conference blog.

Well, the conference is all finished, and what an experience it was. (See that blog for more details!)

There's been plenty going on but little time to actually sit at the computer and write. I've been trying to figure out what exactly is going on with DS that makes things so difficult for him socially and "sensorily." Does he fit one of this syndromes or defiicits they talk about, and if so, would having a label help or hinder him? In the meantime, I'm thinking that there are things that can help, label or not.

One thing is I'm going to try to improve the family nutrition one step at a time. First with me, I'm lowering or cutting out the soda altogether. After some time to get used to that, I'll set another goal. Some good ones might be switching over to as many whole grains as possible and adding more good fats (like seafood) into our diets. This will be good for all of us. Wish me luck on getting it done.

If you're out there and hang on my every word (haha), drop a comment here and there. I'm not sure who I'm writing this for, but if it's only for me, I won't feel guilty if I decide to let it go ;)


momof3feistykids said...

Hi - I recently started reading! I am enjoying your thoughts on home schooling and mothering.

I am sorry I haven't gotten the book to you (The Out of Sync Child) I put it in an envelope with another book I thought you might want to read (Raising Your Spirited Child) and mailed it. But the P.O. sent it back - something about security regulations. Gotta watch out for us home schooling mamas mailing "special needs" books. ;-)

Will get it back on its way to you soon. Let me know if you ever want to talk.

Anonymous said...

I meant to comment on the gym blog, it's still in my in box. As addicted as I used to be, I find it harder to comment that I used to.

As for DS's behavior: I understand that it would be frightening to give it a label but I'm absolutely certain that behavior modification can be much more effective if it's done early on; it'll help him not only socially now but be very important with every day things where he interacts with others later on. If he were to display strong OCD patterns, wouldn't you want to nip it in the bud, too? I think the way we're used to doing things is so hard to untrain - do it sooner and it won't be quite as much of an ordeal.

Family nutrition and exercise both are a BIG issue in my family right now, too. My DS has gained weight over the summer because the heat keeps us housebound more and we're exposed to food non-stop. I just didn't plan that many activities. I've put us on a schedule which I'm still questioning, too: breakfast 8, snack 10, lunch 12, snack 2 and 4, dinner 6. The truth is, they do get hungry, and with that schedule at least I can hold them off for a while, then cut up a peach, or cheese, or a frozen yogurt tube. I basically eliminated most the junk in the house, edy's fruit popsicles are still here, and some (stupid) lolipops from a recent pinata). I've even shied away from good ol' goldfish, since a 7 yo eating 1/2 bag at a time can do some real damage!

Personally, I've gotten into WAAY too many coffees and diet cherry pepsis lately! I might change the amount of sweetened/creamy coffee, but LAY OFF MY PEPSI! (Ahem. I mean, I don't want to give that up.)

Since I don't hear much from you otherwise it's good to be able to read about your life here when you do. If it's burdensome, or one too many pots on the stove, just don't worry about the blog then. I like reading it, but I'm big on decluttering, so go for it if it's better for you!