Sunday, June 17

Off the Subject...

Okay, so I usually write about motherhood, but I am a little inspired by something else tonight.

I rented a DVD from Netflix that I watched tonight: Baryshnikov Live at Wolftrap. I've always loved "Misha." I remember seeing him with Gregory Hines in White Nights (and added it to my queue to watch again). I also went with my sister to see him live with Twyla Tharp when I was in college oh so long ago. And who could forget his more recent run with Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City?

As a celebrity, he has a certain magnetism, that is true, but to watch him and his partners dance on this particular video just awes me to a certain degree. Not so much the ballet itself--I sometimes find it hard to follow the story line--you gotta spell it out for the wordsmith in me! No, just watching the physical control and prowess that he and his dance partners convey amazes me. You often don't think humans could be so graceful, so eloquent in their body language. I often feel a bit big and clumsy myself and to watch that just inspires me. Could I do that? Well, I'm almost 35 (he was in his 20s in the video), so I doubt it. does inspire me to try my hardest to get back into yoga as soon as I can, though. It's the only physical activity in life in which I felt some grace...and that's saying something! To bring it back around to parenthood, I know I'm not setting a good example on the physical activity side, and that could really use some improvement!

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Anonymous said...

I do think it's important to be an exercise role model. I go to the gym, and I know the kids don't see me do it, but at least they know I'm off doing that, just like we had our son be off to do soccer. That's part of what a body/person/child needs. Personally, I'm more worried about the kids asking me for foods that I consider red flag food and not being the right person to ask. Whenever hubby is around I make him make those calls. Who am I to dispense candy and icecream??