Saturday, February 11

Thanks and Scrapping

Thanks all for your help and comments about my last post. Things are not resolved, per se, but I have decided to keep myself out of the situation unless my friend asks me for help. I also apologize for the vagueness of the post, but I needed to vent without implicating anyone personally.

On another note, I had a lot of fun out scrapbooking with a friend last night. I chatted on and on about birth (said friend is thinking about getting pregnant and is very indulgent of me and my soap boxes—gotta love her) before I got down to some serious work—I got 5 whole sides done and have cropped pictures for even more pages! My scrapbooking consultant friend (you know who you are!) would probably kill me for scrapping 3 pages for one event, but I can't help myself. It's hard not to ooh and ah over every picture and not get anything done. I just love pictures, and I'm glad I'm making these albums, even if I am behind and even if I'm the only one who ever cares about them! :)

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