Wednesday, February 8

Set up

Ever feel like you're being set up or that someone you know is? I am in a situation where I have suddenly, and unwillinging, been put between a rock and a hard place, between two people.

It's a fragile situation, and I'm not sure whether the best course of action is to do something or do nothing. Fortunately, another friend has been put here as well, and I've called her for advice. I'm sure she'll say, "Leave it alone. Don't do anything. You didn't ask to get involved, so just wait and if someone asks you directly for help, then help if you can."

It's disturbing, though. My heart is aching for a friend who might be in trouble, but really, it's not my call.

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Heather said...

Feeling set up, or caught in the middle is never fun. However, in my recent experience, it was best just to stand back and let the involved parties come to me - instead of letting myself feel that I had to get more involved, and make the first move. Pray about it, and see what happens.