Thursday, November 13

Thursday's Homeschool Activities

Thursday's Activities
We spent the first hour or so of school time creating T-shirts with coloring pages and fabric markers. A.J. made a shirt for Lily of a tree and flowers, including a very nice rainbow flower. This is his fourth shirt. He's getting pretty good at it. I also started a race car shirt for him.

Lily played with crayons and stickers and later washable markers while we worked on the shirts. I think she decorated herself as much as the paper. Also, she kept saying, "Mommy draw!" So, I made a baby and at her request "nanoo baby" (another baby) many more times. Then, a few cats J

Later, we tried the cyclone experiment, an idea we got from Blue's Clues. We filled one 2-L bottle about 2/3 full with water tinted with green food coloring. Then, we duct-taped a second 2-L bottle on top of that one (neck to neck), turned it over, swirled it, and watched the tornado begin as the water swirled from the top bottle to the bottom one. This was great fun for the kids, although it did get a bit leaky.

When Ginny woke up from her wrap nap and needed to nurse (along with Lily, of course), we all moved to the couch, where we often spend the end of our school time, and read from A.J.'s new biology book about cells, etc. After a little while of reading together, he read to himself until school was over and it was time for me to head to work.

Another day gone...Funschool is tomorrow. More stuff on trash and recycling, I believe, although it seems that a lot of people are out sick or otherwise out tomorrow.

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