Saturday, June 24

It's a Girl!

Well, that about says it! I had my ultrasound a little bit early and learned that our little baby is a girl! I already have a DS, so having a girl will be completely new and exciting!

I was walking with DS last night and just saying that she'll be "my daugther" was thrilling :) I haven't got to use that term yet. I'm definitely not a girly, girl, more of a tomboy, but I had to go right out and buy some little onsies with pink on them and one that says "I Love Mommy" just for her. It seemed sort of symbolic.

It will be a whole new set of worries, I'm sure. DH has already threatened to buy a shotgun ;) I worry myself that girls are more common targets of abusive situations, but I've always worried about that even with DS. I guess worrying is part of parenthood. Finding the balance between protectiveness and paranoia is quite a challenge!

I had sort of secretly hoped that there would be twins, but I'm not disappointed, especially since that means that my plans for a homebirth are still a go. She was even head down the whole time during the ultrasound (hope she's that way when it's time to be born!).

One thing I want to mention is that as far as interventions go, I've never thought ultrasound to be top on the list of causing too many problems. However, it did affect me, mostly because the technician and radiologist won't tell you if anything is wrong. They insist on sending it to your "doctor" (how many times do I have to tell you it's my midwife, people?!), so they can tell you. So, you have to wait until they send the report and then your provider gets back to you.

My little one (as yet unnamed...that's another debate) looked great as far as I could tell. Let me first say that I have a lot of scientific knowledge, but I am by no means an ultrasound expert. From my lay perspective, everything looked good: all ten fingers and toes were present, as well as all four chambers in the heart. The spine looked complete, and the placenta was not covering my cervix. But still, I've been having nagging worries that maybe there was something wrong...was the radiologist just brisk or was he trying to hide something? You get my point. The test itself instigated the worries. I'm pretty good at telling myself to calm down and not cause problems where there aren't any, but what if I'd had a whole pregnancy full of tests (actually I had many more with DS)? It might just make the whole thing more stressful and less pleasant, but that's just a theory.

I posted some pictures to lighten the mood. Enjoy!

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Sharon said...

That is so exciting. What a great way to start the weekend. :)

Sage Femme said...

beautiful! excited to read your HBAC story. :)